New Research Nurse Clare, Wants Members to Feel Valued and Empowered

Clare will be joining the British Research Panel alongside nurses Paula and Jane. With more than 24 years of experience being a nurse, working with pharmaceutical firms and numerous clinical trials, we are looking forward to the knowledge she will be bringing to our community.

Having mostly worked with chronic patients, Clare is now a rheumatology specialist. Most of her work as a nurse has been in the NHS and her involvement in research has seen a trial drug go through to being licensed.

“Clinical research can be life changing for people”, Clare tells us, as she reflects on the importance of clinical trials in advancing research.

As a Research Nurse, Clare will be working alongside Paul and Jane. Research Nurses are the main point of contact for our members, providing expert advice and addressing patients’ questions and concerns. They work to guide patients through their participation journey, ensuring that they are fully informed and that their needs are our priority.

The Power of Clinical Trials

“In one of the clinical trials that I was involved in, the drug went through to being licensed. We were the first people to prescribe it in the UK and it transformed patients’ lives,” explains Clare.

Her involvement in this clinical trial for pulmonary hypertension was one of many. To see a treatment become approved and benefit people’s lives was extremely satisfying for Clare and emphasised the power of research.

“To see something successful and beneficial for a patient group, that was improving their quality of life was extremely rewarding and interesting to be a part of,” she tells us.

In addition to clinical trials contributing to finding new treatments, they also offer patients access to expert medical staff who can offer knowledge and advice. The close contact patients have with our Research Nurses at the British Research Panel, offers an opportunity for them to gain knowledge on their condition.

“It’s a difficult thing to be a part of a clinical trial, but you also receive many benefits, including a lot of close monitoring. People will often ask if participating in a trial will impact their day-to-day care, but I think it will only enhance it,” says Clare.

Valuing the Patient

At the British Research Panel, we work to make sure that patients feel valued, so placing their needs first is our priority. Without patients, clinical trials aren’t possible, and research wouldn’t be able to progress.

“I think that the patients must feel valued. I actually did a Covid-19 study and was a patient myself. I realised how important feeling valued is and knowing that you’re making a difference,” says Clare.

In addition to making patients feel valued, the British Research Panel works towards empowering their voices. Interviews and questionnaires give patients the opportunity to share their opinions and express their wants and needs regarding research.

“It’s exciting to empower patients and give them a voice, which they often can’t do themselves. Feeling listened to is so important,” explains Clare.

Making patients heard is one of our core values. It contributes to improving future research so that it can become more patient focused.

I think that the patients must feel valued. I actually did a Covid-19 study and was a patient myself. I realised how important feeling valued is and knowing that you’re making a difference

A Stronger Team

We are excited to have Clare join our team and are confident that she will be a great addition with her experience in research and nursing.

“It is an exciting time for the British Research Panel. Our community has been growing rapidly over the past year and it’s great to see an increased interest in research,” says Community Manager Rasmus Hjorth.

“We are delighted with the work of our current nurses, Paula and Jane and feel very privileged to have Clare on board. Her expertise will be a great addition and extremely beneficial to our members,” continues Hjorth.

As the activity within our community continues to increase with the introduction of new trials, Clare shares how she is looking forward to her new role.

“I think this role is an exciting concept. Marrying up a very stretched NHS system and pharmaceutical companies who have a lot to offer, but often that relationship is quite difficult to knit together. I’m very excited to be a part of it and help make research more accessible,” says Clare.

Whilst the year draws to a close, we want to thank all of our members for their engagement and interest in research.

We look forward to offering more participation opportunities in the coming year and are proud to have such knowledgeable medical experts on board that will improve your participation experience.


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Eloise Healey

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