About participation

Members of the British Research Panel will be informed about clinical trials seeking participants via an email. If you have already filled out our "General Health Questionnaire", we will be able to inform you about clinical trials that match your health information.

Matching a study to your profile

The email you receive from us contains a link to an online questionnaire. You must complete this questionnaire for us to be able to assess whether a clinical trial matches your health information.

Dialogue with our nurse

If a trial matches your health information, our Research Nurse will call you and provide you with more information about the trial. She will also guide you through the next steps and refer you to the nearest research clinic, if you are still interested in participating.

Clinic consultation

After you have been referred to the nearest research clinic, the medical staff will ensure that you will be enrolled in the trial, and help you test out the new medical treatment.

Six good reasons to participate

  1. You will receive access to the latest treatments for free
  2. You will contribute to the development of new medicines and treatments for future generations and people with the same disease as you
  3. You will receive care and attention from highly specialized medical staff and experts
  4. You will gain thorough knowledge about your own illness
  5. You will ensure that medical research and development continues to progress in British hospitals
  6. You will be reimbursed for travel expenses and in some cases, you will also receive financial compensation for your participation

Clinical research is completely dependent on patients’ participation in order to develop and test new medicine and treatments.

Participation is voluntary and you are able to opt out and withdraw your participation at any point.