"I'm benefitting from previous research and I have acces to more advanced medicine than those of previous generations."
- Jan Sounes

The British Research Panel

Patient community

The British Research Panel is a voluntary patient community with more than 30.500 members.

Free membership

It is free to become a member of the British Research Panel. You can always end your membership and your data will be deleted.

Access to trials

As a member, we will offer you participation in clinical trials and research projects that are relevant to you.

Empowered and updated

You will also receive newsletters about the latest research and help to empower the patient’s voice. Participating in online surveys about patients’ needs allows the patient experience to be improved.


The British Research Panel is founded and run by James Lind Care, which works to make participation in research easy, safe and an obvious choice for every patient. You can read more about James Lind Care here.

In addition to the patient community in England, communities have been established for patients in  Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Germany.

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Eloise Healey
Patient Community Specialist

Rasmus Hjorth
Community Manager

Jane Breen
Research Nurse

Clare Das
Research Nurse

Paula Rogers
Senior Project Manager / Head Nurse

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The British Research Panel was founded by James Lind Care. Headquarters and day-to-day management is in Copenhagen, Denmark.

British Research Panel


James Lind Care


+44 77 07 81 21 48

Free membership

You can always become a member of the British Research Panel, whether you participate in a trial or not.

You will receive newsletters about the latest medical research and breakthroughs.

You will also help to empower the patient voice through participating in online surveys about patients’ needs in research. This information will then be presented in patient insight reports, benefitting the patient experience.

We will also contact you if we can offer you participation in a clinical trial or research project.