"I'm benefitting from previous research and I have acces to more advanced medicine than those of previous generations."
- Jan Sounes


Patient community

The British Research Panel is a voluntary patient community with more than 15,000 members. 

Free membership

It is free to become a member of the British Research Panel. You can always end your membership and your data will be deleted.

Access to trials

As a member, we will offer you participation in clinical trials and research projects that are relevant to you.

Empowered and updated

You will receive newsletters about the latest research and help to empower the patient’s voice. Participating in online surveys about patients’ needs allows the patient experience to be improved.

Why become a member? 

As a member of the British Research Panel, you will be offered participation in clinical trials and research projects that are relevant to you.

You will be one of the first to test out the most recently developed medicine, before it is on the market. This means that you will have early access to possible new treatments and be in contact with doctors and nurses specialized in your area of disease.

When you volunteer as a trial participant, you help researchers to test new medicine and treatments. This allows them to develop the treatments of tomorrow, benefitting you and other patients.

You can always end your membership, opt out of trials and unsubscribe from our newsletters. Just write to us at eloise@britishresearchpanel.co.uk

What you will receive

Sign up

You can sign up as a member of the British Research Panel by filling out our "General health questionnaire". We can then inform you about clinical trials that match your health information.

Get insight

Once signed up, you will receive quarterly newsletters. These will include research news, patient stories about participating in research and easy-to-read research reports, to provide you with knowledge and insight about your own health and treatment.


At the British Research Panel, we work towards making research more patient centric. This means putting your needs in the center of research. We do this by asking for your opinion on specific issues or topics inside the world of research.

Afterwards, we present the results to pharmaceutical companies, so that they will take our members’ opinions into consideration when designing a clinical trial and conducting research.

Do you have any questions?

Take a look at the FAQs regarding membership and participation.

You can also write to us at eloise@britishresearchpanel.co.uk.