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Below are the most common questions that we receive.

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About signing up

You can sign up by clicking the red button below and filling in the form.

No, we need to be able to get in contact with you via email.

No, The British Research Panel has no requirements regarding health for becoming a member.

No, you only have to fill in our sign-up form with your contact details. But for us to be able to contact you about relevant clinical trials that match your health information, we would need you to fill in our Health Questionnaire.

Yes, you can withdraw your participation in a clinical trial at any point during the process.

About data and security

Questionnaires are developed on the basis of the research projects inclusion and exclusion criteria.

All questionnaires have been prepared in collaboration with a Research Nurse who has thoroughly read the project protocol.

Yes! Participating in a clinical trial is voluntary, and you can always opt out of participating in a trial,  without it effecting your membership.

You always have the choice to unsubscribe and your data will then be deleted. Just write to us at eloise@britishresearchpanel.co.uk  and we can handle your request of deletion.

About payment and expenses

Yes, it doesn’t cost anything to participate in a clinical trial or become a member of the British Research Panel.

Your transport costs will often be covered.
If visits and examinations at the hospital are prolonged, you will also often receive financial compensation.

Other questions

All research projects take place in research departments in public British hospitals and clinics. Usually there are multiple locations scattered across the UK.

How long do research projects last and how many visits do I need to plan?

It varies, but most research projects last 1-2 years. At the beginning there will be 3-4 visits where participants undergo examinations. After this, visits are usually every 3 months.

At the British Research Panel, we are constantly working to find participants for research projects. You may therefore receive several questionnaires each month, if there are multiple projects relevant to you.

Participation is completely voluntary, so you can always say no to participating and just to not fill out the questionnaire.

Free membership

You can always become a member of the British Research Panel, whether you participate in a trial or not.

You will receive newsletters about the latest medical research and breakthroughs.

You will also help to empower the patient voice through participating in online surveys about patients’ needs in research. This information will then be presented in patient insight reports, benefitting the patient experience.

We will also contact you if we can offer you participation in a clinical trial or research project.