Become a Part of Empowering the Patients’ Voice in 2022

2021 has seen great growth for the British Research Panel’s member community, as well as the addition of two highly experienced Research Nurses. As more Brits express interest in clinical trials, we can work alongside them to improve the patient experience and empower their voices in clinical research.

Having welcomed more than 2000 new members to our patient community throughout 2021, we are truly inspired by the high level of interest that Brits are taking in participating in research.

In addition to our rapid increase in membership, more than 2000 people have also expressed interest in participating in a current COPD trial that we are working with. Every application counts towards finding participants and makes a huge difference towards progressing research.

“This year has been a year of pulmonary focus,” explains Henrik Vincentz, founder of the British Research Panel’s founding organisation, James Lind Care. “I think that the British Research Panel provided some hope for how to make a brighter future for lung patients.”

Through offering participation in a clinical trial that is testing the effectiveness of a new treatment for COPD, it is our aim that we can improve the lives of many.

I think that we have considerably improved the patients’ journey into clinical trials with the addition of our two new Research Nurses

Growing in Expertise

Not only have we seen growth in our number of members, but we have also introduced two new Research Nurses, Paula and Jane to our team. Both are extremely knowledgeable in their roles and value improving the patient experience and placing the patients’ needs first.

“I think that we have considerably improved the patients’ journey into clinical trials with the addition of our two new Research Nurses,” explains Community Manager of the British Research Panel, Rasmus Hjorth.

“They are both highly experienced in working with clinical trials and very professional, which will benefit our members. Most importantly, they will ensure a pleasant experience for our members who are volunteering for a trial by being attentive to their needs,” continues Hjorth.

A core value of the British Research Panel and founding organisation James Lind Care, is that through participating in clinical trials, volunteers will receive expert advice. We are confident that Paula and Jane will deliver a patient centric service and offer in depth advice to our members.

“I think it’s important to see clinical trials as an integrated part of lung patients’ treatment as a way forward. It’s not an alternative to treatment but a way to get a detailed diagnosis and to improve your current treatment and medication. It’s beneficial to have new perspectives,” says Vincentz.

Empowering the Patients’ Voice

Through offering our members the opportunity to answer online questionnaires and surveys, we can gain a better understanding of the patients’ experience, as well as their needs and concerns. This information can then be presented to the pharmaceutical industry, so that improvements can be made to benefit patients.

Earlier this year, we gathered information on our members’ opinions of decentralized trials. This allowed us to create a report that was later presented to patient organisations and pharmaceutical companies by our Founder Henrik Vincentz, at the Patient Centricity & Collaboration Global Congress in London.

Presenting this data allowed our members’ concerns and preferences to be heard. A growing community of members gives more people the opportunity to share their opinions in our reports and helps to strengthen the patients’ voice.

“We are now representing more and more patients so our voice is getting louder and clearer. This means that we are now able to influence pharmaceutical companies on their protocol design,” says Vincentz.

Collaborations with patient organisations is another way in which we work towards empowering the patients’ voice. It also builds awareness of the British Research Panel making more people aware of the opportunities to participate in research.

The Year Ahead

With hopes to continue to grow our community, we also aim to offer more people participation in research and clinical trials for various chronic diseases.

We look forward to offering more trials to our members in the upcoming year and continuing to work towards making participation in clinical trials easy and safe.

Continuing to build relationships with patient organisations will also be a focus for the British Research Panel in the year to come, so that we can represent more and more patients.

“I don’t want to do this alone,” explains Vincentz. “I think we need to partner with patient organisations to represent and focus on patients. I sense a movement beginning amongst patients, that patients will organise.”

At the British Research Panel, we are looking forward to the year ahead. We will continue to strive towards placing patients’ needs at the centre, empowering their voices and making participation in clinical trials an obvious choice.

Written by
Eloise Healey 


Find out more about our COPD trial and sign up here: copd signup – British Research Panel

To take a look at our decentralized trial report mentioned above take a look here: The-Patients-Perspective-on-Decentralized-Trials-2.pdf (

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