“It’s Nice That Someone is Looking Out for You” – Feeling Guided Throughout Research Participation

Andrew is living with COPD and is participating in a trial through the British Research Panel. He shared his experiences participating in the trial and how close contact with our nurses has helped him to feel reassured and valued.

“The nurse Jane has called me once a month, sometimes once every fortnight to stay in touch. It reassures you and it feels nice to think that someone else is looking out for you, not just your family,” explains Andrew.

Andrew was first diagnosed with COPD about 18 months ago and he feels limited on a daily basis. With previous experience and knowledge participating in clinical trials, he decided to sign up to help advance research.

Since signing up for a trial with the British Research Panel, Research Nurse Jane has kept in close contact with Andrew, answering any questions he may have surrounding the study and ensuring that he feels guided and supported throughout.

Jane has kept in contact with me, more than my doctors or GP, so it’s been nice to have that reassurance call that things will get better,” explains Andrew.

Understanding the patients’ needs is our priority at the British Research Panel. Our nurses offer a direct contact point for patients participating in trials to help ease their concerns and answer any questions they may have.

Adapting to Each Patient

More than 9,700 people have expressed interest in a COPD trial through the British Research Panel.

Of those who expressed interest, our nurses have spoken to over 2,500 people who could potentially be eligible. Personalised phone calls from our nurses allow each patient to be spoken to individually and helps them to feel more valued.

“Many years of experience listening to patients equips you with an insight into those who are likely to appreciate regular contact and those who would not. Therefore, contact with patients varies depending on their character, work commitments and social situation,” explains Research Nurse, Jane.

Adapting to individual patients’ needs ensures that the patients are placed at the centre of our focus. This gives them an opportunity to feel reassured and gain access to expert medical advice.

Guided Throughout Participation

“Becoming involved in a research trial is often a new experience for the majority of our patients. Building a relationship and supporting them throughout the initial process is invaluable and helps keep them engaged in what can be a long journey,” continues Jane.

Listening to the needs of each individual is key to building relationships with our members and one of our core values. At the British Research Panel, we work to make participating in research feel easier and safer for patients and contact with our nurses is a key part of this.

“I definitely find it valuable to have the nurses as that contact point. I’ve felt really informed throughout my participation,” concludes Andrew.

We will continue to work towards improving the participation experience for everyone taking part in research. This is why your opinion and voice are valuable to us!

If you would like to be a part of a growing patient community, voice your opinions on research and find out about the latest trials, then sign up here: Sign Up Form – British Research Panel

You can also take a look at our current studies here: Our current studies – British Research Panel

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Eloise Healey

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