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Artificial Sweeteners Linked with 13% Higher Risk of Cancer

A new study found a 13% higher risk of cancer in general for people consuming large quantities of artificial sweeteners.

The most likely cancers to develop appear to be breast cancer and cancers related to obesity.

Aspartame and acesulfame-K are the most frequently consumed artificial sweeteners and are also linked to increased risk of developing cancer.

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Is Eating Less Meat Linked to a Lower Risk of Cancer?

A new study from the University of Oxford finds that people eating less meat have a lower risk of getting all types of cancer.

Researchers followed 472,000 individuals for an average period of 11.4 years.

The data showed that the vegetarian and vegan group was 14% less likely to develop cancer than the other groups and fish eaters were 10% less likely to get cancer.

Although other factors might be involved, the link still appears strong.

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