New Nurse for the British Research Panel 

Paula Rogers will become the new Research Nurse for the British Research Panel. With her 25 years of experience working in the NHS and her clinical trials knowledge, she will be able to offer members the best chance to easily and safely engage in future trials.

Welcome our new Research Nurse

At the British Research Panel, we are delighted to announce that Paula Rogers will be joining us as our Research Nurse for the UK. She has been hired for the British Research Panel through our founding organisation James Lind Care and will be replacing former Research Nurse, Justine Hill. We are sad to say goodbye to Justine after many years of supporting our members and engaging them in relevant clinical trials. Justine is now working with COVID-19 vaccinations.

Alongside her 25 years of experience working in the NHS, Paula is also highly experienced with all aspects of clinical trials. She has a great deal of knowledge on the initial trial design and inclusion criteria, through to the endpoint where results are analysed and communicated back to participants.

I am really looking forward to joining the British Research Panel, as I believe that this role offers a great opportunity to influence UK clinical research – Paula tells us.

Having acted as Principal Investigator for several nursing related research projects, she is also an expert member of a London based Research Ethics Committee. Her involvement in setting up and delivering clinical research in a wide variety of heart and lung conditions will make her a strong addition to our team and British community.

“I believe that I will be able to use my experience and skill set to engage patients so that they feel supported throughout the process,” Paula adds.

Placing Patients at the Centre of the Conversation

As a Research Nurse, Paula will become the main contact point for our members and patients volunteering for clinical trials through the British Research Panel. She will communicate with our members regarding trial engagement for relevant trials, as well as building relationships with our members so that they feel safe, informed and supported.

It’s about putting the person at the middle of everything and making them more central to the decision-making process about their healthcare needs. It’s important to be friendly, polite and professional, as well as treating each person individually, Paula emphasises.

At the British Research Panel, we continue to take a patient centric approach to clinical trials by placing patients at the core of our focus. Working alongside those who support our values is extremely important for us, which is why Paula will be a great addition to our team.

“James Lind Care and the British Research Panel’s value of putting the patient at the centre of everything was really important for me. It’s crucial to build relationships with patients as people, rather than just looking at a health condition,” Paula tells us.

Your Future Involvement in Clinical Trials

Without a doubt, the pandemic has influenced the patients’ experience of clinical trials. Although the short term may still be challenging for the clinical trials industry, as many people remain reluctant to voluntarily visit hospitals, we are hopeful that the increased level of awareness of clinical trials will bring long term benefits for research and development.

Paula recognised this when she told us, “One of the tiny positives that has come from this pandemic is the highlighting of the work that goes into clinical research. I think we need to leverage that because people are so much more aware now of clinical trials.”

At the British Research Panel, we have just begun working on a clinical trial that is looking for people living with COPD. This is the first of our projects that Paula will be a part of and her previous experience with clinical trials for lung conditions will make her very knowledgeable on the subject.

“Paula brings a strong background in all aspects of clinical research. She has a particular interest in patient communication and extensive experience in the ethical approval of clinical research. I am sure that this will be beneficial for our panel members and the development of our clinical trial specialized patient organisation in general,” says Karina Markersen, Chief Operating Manager at James Lind Care, the founding organisation of the British Research Panel.

At the British Research Panel, we are confident that we have made the best decision by adding Paula to our team. We are excited for her to join us and are looking forward to continuing to strive for patient centricity and engagement.

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Eloise Healey

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