Celebrating Women in Science: Insights from our Research Nurse

In honour of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we are thrilled to spotlight the remarkable journey of Pilar, an inspiring research nurse. Her dedication to clinical research not only propels scientific advancements, but it also breaks barriers in a field historically dominated by stereotypes. Let’s delve into her experience and perspective on the evolving landscape of women in science. 

Nurturing a Passion for Clinical Research

Pilar shares her journey into the world of clinical research and why she chose to specialise in research nursing. “Clinical research offers a glimpse into the future, providing insights into treatments that will impact countless lives. It’s an autonomous and independent role within nursing and being in touch with developing drugs teaches you a lot about the direction of research.”

Observing the Evolution of Women in Scientific Roles

Pilar shares their views on the evolving role of women in scientific and research positions. She observes a positive shift in the participation of women in scientific and research roles.

The presence of women in research is increasing, which is heartening. Achieving gender equality in research involves finding measures for work-life balance, not always present and not always conducive to women’s involvement.

Addressing Gender Stereotypes in Clinical Research

Discussing gender stereotypes, she acknowledges the changing landscape. Pilar notes a prevalent trend: “Main investigators in studies are often male, typically heads of departments. Men might have more time for research or to prioritise it. Policies supporting work-life balance are crucial to enabling more women to engage in research which are demanding jobs that require time.”

Advice for Aspiring Women in Science: A Universal Message

Pilar shares a universal message for young women aspiring to pursue careers in science and clinical research. “Keep going! It’s a path well worth taking. Research is crucial for the development and options we have in clinical practice today.” 


As we celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Pilar’s remarkable role exemplifies the resilience and brilliance of women contributing to scientific progress. Her story reminds us of the importance of diversity and equal opportunities in shaping the future of science. Let’s continue to inspire and empower the women and girls who will lead the way in scientific exploration.

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