"I volunteered for the COPD trial to improve my condition.”


- Paul Duckworth, COPD Patient


This study will show if an already approved asthma drug can improve the treatment and life quality for COPD patients.

Hi I'm Lara Lovely

I'm your Study Nurse

I'm working for The British Research Panel - a voluntary patient community with more than 15,000 members.

In addition to our patient community in England, we have established communities in Sweden, France, Spain, Denmark and Germany.

We work to establish contact between researchers and patients so that they can contribute to the development of new and better treatment and medicine.

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Our current COPD study

Our current COPD trial is about investigating whether an already known asthma medication can improve the lice quality in COPD patients.

We would like to ask you if you would participate in the trial, or if you would like to hear more about it?

Sure ...

It's all about matching 

COPD profile

Before you can participate, I will have to ask you some questions concerning your health and COPD. Once completed, I will assess whether a clinical trial matches your health information or not and let you know.


If I find that the trial matches your health profile, I, or another Research Nurse, will call you and provide you with more information about the trial. We will also guide you through the next steps and refer you to the nearest research clinic, if you are still interested in participating.


After you have been referred to the nearest research clinic, the medical staff will ensure that you will be attented by COPD expertes, and help you test out the new medical treatment.

Would you like to apply for the study, or would you like to know about our data security policy?

Just a comment on safetey

This is how we guard your data

All data we process are encrypted when stored on our servers. All data transfer takes place via secured pages and of course we comply with the current GDPR legislation in the EU and the Danish Data Protection Agency's guidelines in Denmark.

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