The British Research Panel has just launched a new Facebook group called British COVID-19 Research. The goal is to bring you fact-checked, unbiased, relevant news on coronavirus. You can join the group by clicking the link below.


The world has truly changed in the last four months due to coronavirus also known as COVID-19. The pandemic has both changed our lives, but also the world of science and research, many asking themselves what they can do to help – including us at the British Research Panel.

We normally try to provide our members with the most relevant, important and engaging content, news and services from the world of research and development of new medicines.

That is why we are stepping up to the plate and have created a new Facebook community called British COVID-19 Research. The community is open to both members and the British people and gives you easy access to trustworthy,  research-based information and news about coronavirus.

“We aim to provide the British people with quality news content about COVID-19. In a crisis like this it’s important to have access to relevant information,” says Henrik Vincentz, founder of James Lind Institute, the organization behind the British Research Panel.

“With our expertise in research and our knowledge of current research and development in the area of new medicines, we hope to deliver the sort of engaging content people would prefer to read and share.” Henrik Vincentz continues

The need for quality and facts
To ensure the quality of the news and information shared in the British COVID-19 Research community, the British Research Panel conducted a survey asking members what kinds of content they found relevant and useful.

“Our primary goal is to create a Facebook group that meets the needs of not just panel members, but  the British public in general. There is an overwhelming amount of information and news when it comes to COVID-19. It’s crucial that the content we share is not only fact-checked, but also  interesting, relevant and important to people”, says Henrik Vincentz,  explaining the kind of content that will be posted in the group

“We want to share news from the latest research in medical treatments and write about the progress in research for treatments against COVID-19. We know from our survey that this what our members want, and we have faith the rest of the general public feels the same,” he says, continuing.

“Our members also chose the name of the group, British COVID-19 Research. They have really contributed in making this project a reality.”

Danish group assisting the Danish health authorities
James Lind Institute has already had great succes creating a similar Facebook group in Denamark. This initiative bended up helping the Danish health authorities in uncovering a possible underreported amount of Danish people infected with COVID-19.

“To me, this shows how we can make a difference by joining forces and working together as citizens. Our goal is to create a group to the British public,  where the members of the group feel that they are getting the most relevant content in regards to the coronavirus situation in the UK. And at the same time feel as they are a part of one big community”, concludes Henrik Vincentz.