The British Research Panel reached over 7200 new members in 2019, giving more patients than ever before the possibility to enter clinical trials . Not only that, but the sense of community is growing too.

Last year, the British Research Panel attracted more than 7200 enthusiastic new members, all willing to help other patients by entering clinical trials. This means that 2020 already shows great promise in terms of panel growth and possibilities. But what is the secret to getting patients to sign up?

“We have been able to resonate to patient needs by making it easier for people to participate in relevant clinical trials. The British Research Panel is the perfect way for them to give some of their time and energy to benefit science,” says Henrik Vincentz, founder of the panel.

He is grateful for the amount of goodwill from all members.

“By reaching out, we have been getting much more positive attention and sign-ups than we could possibly have anticipated. Luckily, our panel has room for all. And the more we are in the panel, the more likely we can match the right and relevant study to the right patients,” Vincentz says.

But it’s not only important to grow in numbers. It’s even more important that each member feels that they are taken seriously, and this means strengthening the feeling of community between members.

“To us, patients are people with a unique resourcefulness and a strong sense of duty, often with a great generosity when it comes to sharing experiences. We aim to support that even more by building a stronger sense of community between patients in research,” concludes Henrik Vincentz.